Dancing Liam and wiggly Fred…

Well, I’m still working on writing Fred’s birth story, in case you’re wondering. But in the meantime, I wanted to write a little update. We’ve all had a really great week and a half of life as a family of four. Richie’s been home from work, so it’s made the transition go very smoothly. Richie’s spent most of his time with Liam and I’ve spent most of my time with Fred. Liam is handling everything really well, has been in great form and is as cute and lovely as ever. Fred is adorable and squirmy and does his job as a baby very well, i.e. he eats and poops and sleeps and snuggles. I know some people find the newborn phase a bit dull, because newborns obviously don’t really do much or interact a whole lot, but I love the snuggliness of it all! It’s fun to just have a tiny baby to hold and kiss and look at all the time!

So far he’s pretty peaceful and sleepy during the day, and nights have gone smoothly. Usually I wake him up still after he’s slept a few hours to nurse him, and sometimes he wakes up on his own to feed. It’s obviously not a regular thing yet, but there’s a sort of loose order to the night time waking-feeding thing, so that’s good. He had his one-week appointment on Wednesday, and he’s already gained back his birth weight, plus 200 grams! I’m not really surprised because my milk came in really quickly and he eats like it’s nobody’s business! I think the only unpleasant thing is that it’s so freaking hot and humid now, sometimes it does make it a bit difficult to be holding a baby all the time and sometimes I just think Fred is too hot! But we’re just staying pretty inactive, sitting in front of the fan lots and trying to stay as cool as possible.

Well, that’s about it for now, but here are a couple of videos of the boys!


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