Three weeks…

DSCF4250Well, as of yesterday, Fred is three weeks old. He’s enjoying looking around more, perched up on our shoulders and he is really looking at us now, lots of eye contact and that sort of thing. It’s cute. He’s got some strong legs too! Of course, I was aware of this when he was kicking me in the guts with his powerful ninja kicks all through the pregnancy, but he’s still at it… now he just kicks me from the outside! My mornings (after Richie leaves for work) are spent almost continuously holding him, and mostly bouncing him in my arms while I sit on our pilates ball. Best baby-bouncer ever, and a good replacement for a rocking chair too! He’s been taking a nice long nap right about the time when Liam takes his nap, so that’s awesome! Usually Richie lays down with Liam is his room and Fred and I sleep in our room, and it’s great. Of course, there’s a good chance that I have just jinxed things by typing those last two sentences, but oh well. He’s also falling asleep right around the time that Liam goes to bed for the night and then is in night-sleep mode (obviously interrupted a few times for feedings/diaper changes in the middle of the night). Really, for three weeks in, things are going pretty well schedule-wise. Who knows if we’ll continue to be lucky, but a girl can hope anyway! He sleeps at night swaddled in his Woombie, and that’s been working well. That’s pretty much the only time he’s wearing anything, since it’s so freaking hot still! I’m really looking forward to autumn weather so I can actually put some clothes on the boy! He’s got so many adorable things to wear and it’s just too hot to put anything on him! Anyway, that’s Fred at three weeks!

And here’s a really short video, with a cameo appearance by Liam as he is pretending to drink a cup of coffee.


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