A bit of this and that…

Fred turned four weeks old yesterday and it’s been an interesting, and tiring week. I feel like the newborn sleepy phase is definitely over, and he’s been giving me a run for my money at night! Sometimes I get to sleep for two hours together, sometimes one, sometimes 30 minutes, between feedings and random waking up. Very tiring and a bit frustrating at times too. Ah, well. I guess that’s little babies for you. Luckily I get a long nap some days to balance things out a bit. Then again, other days I get no nap, and those days are a bit rough. Thank god for coffee! I think I would have dropped dead by now without it. Or maybe not dropped dead, but I would have possibly gone insane.

Okay, I actually started this post yesterday, but couldn’t finish it. I currently have Fred in the Moby wrap fast asleep and it’s amazing to have my hands free for some blogging while at the same time snuggling my little guy! I am so in love with this wrap. It feels like I’m just wrapped up in a warm soft baby hug whenever I have Fred in here!

Anyway, back to business. Both boys went to the doctor today, Fred for his 1 month check-up and Liam (slightly early) for his 2 year check. Both are doing great. Liam was so hilarious checking out everything in the doctor’s office. Boy, that kid loves technology and gadgets so much! He had to get one vaccination today too, and he just let out a bit of a yelp when he got the shot, but I think he was more concerned that the doctor’s ear-checking instrument was going to be taken away from him, so that’s what he was focusing on more than the brief pain. Fred is growing well, although I forget his statistics at the moment and don’t want to waste valuable seconds going to look for his record book! He did manage to do a giant spit-up on me while Liam was getting checked out, and then while I was whipping myself off (he miraculously got no spit-up on himself), he did a giant poop that went up his back a bit and got his clothes dirty. Fun stuff.

On an unrelated note, I thought I’d share a funny new thing Liam is doing. It seems that his current favourite film is The Rise of the Guardians, which is a film in which Santa, the Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, Sandman and Jack Frost join forces to defeat the evil Boogie Man and protect the hopes and dreams and innocence of the world’s children. It’s quite a fun kids’ film and it’s really action packed. I never knew Santa and the Easter Bunny were so hard-core! Anyway, Liam loves it and he’s started acting along with the film, especially when things are at their most exciting. So, all the good guys are kicking butt, fighting the Boogie Man, and then Liam gets out his special homemade ‘weapon’ and starts zapping the baddies on the screen and then flopping down over and over again on the floor or couch or whatnot, like he’s engaged in the fight and is taking some hard hits. It’s hilarious! I really didn’t think an almost two-year old would have such good imagination skills or think to play along with a film like that.  So cute.

That also makes me think I should share what his current favourite toy is. It is an invention of his own making, involving parts of an old water pump, a nozzle from our hoover, a piece of a pump for our pilates ball, a belt, and a comb. He has put these all together in a very specific way, and he uses it sometimes as a musical instrument and sometimes it seems to be a zapping weapon of some kind, and occasionally a garden hose which he uses to douse us in imaginary water. Very creative.

Okay, now a few more days have passed and I’m just going to be quick, post a few photos and be done with this, or it’ll be a post weeks in the making, which is a bit ridiculous! Anyway, now Fred is 5 weeks old and Liam’s birthday is tomorrow! I can’t believe we nearly have a TWO YEAR OLD! Wow. Anyway, here are a few photos from yesterday. I love my adorable boys!!!

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One thought on “A bit of this and that…

  1. They are SO adorable!! I love them too!!! Happy Birthday Liam!!!

    I love hearing all about his creativity. Pretty good for a two year old!! Watching their imaginations emerge and develop is awesome!!!

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