Granny came to town!…

Well, as is usually the case these days, I don’t have much time for a real post. But Richie’s mom was here with us for a week and a half (she went back home on Monday), and I want to at least post the photos in a timely manner! We had such a great with her here and it’s been tough the last few days getting used to ‘normal’ life again without her! We had some nice outings, went to a couple restaurants, playgrounds, etc. I was very happy for the boys to have their granny around, and Fred especially got lots of snuggles, which was great (not least because my arms got a rest!). We ate delicious food, including Irish goodies we’ve been missing since our last trip to Ireland in January, such as sausages, rashers, cheddar cheese and black pudding. Since we were all in the holiday spirit, we also indulged in lots of sweets, which was amazing. I really need to cut down on all the sugar now though; I am seriously addicted at the moment! I really do think that chocolate and caffeine are necessary drugs when you have babies/small children. I don’t think I would have made it this far without them!!!

Anyway, back to the point… It was so fun having such delightful company, lots of chatting and all that good stuff. It was just so nice having her around, even though with two little people, we didn’t ‘do’ a whole lot. It just felt very homey and lovely and I wish she could have stayed longer! I feel quite lucky to have such a great mother-in-law!

Anyway, here are the photos…


One thought on “Granny came to town!…

  1. I meant to comment when I first read this…and then I guess I got sidetracked, but yes chocolate and caffeine!!!! Necessities. I say at least for the first year after a baby!!! Also I’m so glad Richie’s mom got to visit! If only we could all be so lucky!!! And lastly – those boys, Kimberly, are adorable! I want to gobble them up!!

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