What has turned into a Liam update…

Well, again, it’s been weeks and weeks since my last update. Crazy how the time flies!


So, first of all, Liam turned two over a month ago! My little baby is now a two-year-old! Boy oh boy do I love that kid. He’s just the sweetest thing, and we’ve had such a great two years with him. He’s still a very snuggly guy and likes pinching our elbows (and my flabby belly!) as a sort of comfort thing while he’s snuggling with us or laying down to take his nap. So, he’s still pretty snuggly overall, but he’s also turning into a bigger boy who doesn’t want his mom kissing and hugging him all the time. Boo for me! Now sometimes he pushes me away, or if I kiss him and he didn’t want me to, he’ll wipe it off rather emphatically. Sigh. I knew it would happen eventually, but it’s kind of bittersweet, him starting to outgrow all my mushy mommy loving! I guess I just have to tell myself it’s better than him growing up to be a big mama’s’ boy, haha! On the flip side, I was just thinking that a few times recently, he’s given me a hug and sort of stroked my cheek very gently, like I do to him a lot. I saw him do the same to Richie today too. It was such a loving gesture!

He’s talking more and more, still just words, but slowly but surely, he’s figuring out the whole language thing. Just the other day, he finally referred to me as ‘mama’! It was a major breakthrough and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For ages he’s just called both Richie and I ‘dada’, but two or three days ago he was pointing to a photo of Richie and called him ‘dada’ and a photo of me and said ‘mama’! Yippee! I have finally had a name/title bestowed upon me!

Liam is still being a great big brother. Any time he sees Fred’s pacifier/soother laying around, he picks it up and tries to give it to him or wants us to give it to Fred. He gives him hugs and kisses, touches his face or head very gently and will sort of snuggle up next to him for a minute and say hi to him. It’s adorable. I hope they’ll be great buddies with each other when Fred ‘grows up’. It is such a heart warming thing to see Liam being so kind to little Fred. It’s the best.

Liam is currently glued to Richie pretty much any time that Richie is home. Boy does he love his ‘dada’! Since Richie’s been home all this week for Kurban Bayram, I have actually started missing Liam and feeling like I’ve hardly had any real time with him, apart from giving him some of his meals. Today was great though because I put Liam down for his nap and got to snuggle with him and after lunch I took him up to the playground for a bit, and we got to hang out for a while in his room even while I was holding Fred. It was lovely for me, feeling like I got to ‘reconnect’ with him a bit. Now that Fred’s a bit older, I’ve decided we have to make more of an effort to get Liam out to play just about any day the weather is good. The last couple months have been tough for him, I’m sure, with all the changes, and he’s been cooped up in the apartment too much. I was so happy today watching him have fun at the playground. He loves climbing up the stairs and going down the big twisty slide, exploring everything and going up and down on the see-saw. There were some very nice bigger boys (maybe 9/10 years old?) at the playground today and they were talking to him and going down the slide with him. It is such a nice feeling to see other children being so kind to your own kid and feeling like he’s being validated by those other kids, if you know what I mean. It’s just really heart warming to see him so excited to play with the big boys and he was just cracking up laughing with one of the kids in particular. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but Turkish kids are so amazingly kind to younger kids. I’ve especially noticed it with boys here. I really hope we can teach our boys to be as kind and thoughtful with other younger kids when they themselves are big boys. It’s just so lovely to see and it’s one of the cultural things I absolutely love here in Turkey.

Hm, what else. Well, we’ve started having story time in the evening before bed, which has been great. I’d been relying on films a bit too much in the evening, especially when adjusting to taking care of Liam and Fred on my own in the evenings when Richie’s at work and dealing with dinner and bedtime, etc. But Liam recently got some lovely books from both of his grandmothers, so it’s been a good excuse to start reading before bed instead of watching movies. So far, sometimes Liam lays down to listen, but sometimes he’s in the room, but bouncing around or playing with toys during the story. But that’s okay; at least we’re all together interacting and not staring at a TV screen. And quite unexpectedly, Fred LOVES story time. My mom sent over some Dr Seuss books for Liam’s birthday and they have quite boldly coloured pictures, some even with the black, white and red that small babies are said to like best, and Fred will just lay there and look at the pictures for ages, his eyes wide, kicking his legs and looking all intense and excited about it. It’s so cute! I really never thought a 2-month-old baby would be so into story time!

Well, anyway, I’m sure there’s more to tell, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m too tired to post photos tonight, but hopefully I’ll get some up tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What has turned into a Liam update…

  1. Great to hear you and your family are having such lovely times together. I cannot believe Liam is old enough to even think about wiping off your kisses. Where did he learn that? Or is that an instinctive, yet hurtful thing that kids do? Thinking of you. xoxo

    • Yeah, I know Megan, where to they learn these things!!! Richie’s the only other one he sees me kiss and as far as I know Richie doesn’t wipe off my kisses! 😉 He better not! Hahaha. Kids, what can you do. 🙂

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