Oops, sorry, it’s a whiny post!!…

Well, were to begin? I’ve decided to write a few ‘mini posts’ and try to do my long overdue update in lots of small pieces, so at least some info gets out there, because otherwise it takes me like two weeks to write a post!

First of all, things are good here. Fred will be four months old next week! He’s absolutely adorable and such a smiley guy. Love it. What I’m not loving at the moment is his crazy night-time sleep. He’s actually rolling over already, from his back to his front, and I think because of this developmental milestone, he’s sleeping pretty poorly at night. He just wiggles and wiggles. Plus, with the whole rolling thing, that means that the days (or nights) of him being all swaddled up are pretty much over. I still wrap him when he sleeps next to me, but since I’m there to mind him and make sure he doesn’t end up with the blanket over his face or anything, it’s okay then. But since he’s so wiggly, he just doesn’t stay swaddled very long and it’s all just a mess. Blah. Last night Richie and I spent a while in the evening discussing things we could try to improve the sleep issue, but I have a feeling we just have to wait a week or two and let it sort itself out. Last night I decided to try helping Fred do his pooping a bit earlier in the night, since he wiggles so much I thought maybe that was his problem. So, I nursed him in bed, and when the tossing and turning started, let him come unwrapped and wake up fully. He did, in fact, do his poop in the trusty ol’ potty bowl, and I thought I would be back to sleep with him in no time! However, he had other plans. It turned out to be our ‘worst night ever’ with him and I awake for 2 1/2 or 3 hours. I did a lot of cursing under my breath and muttering, but eventually he fell asleep again and we’ve been catching up on sleep all day!

Boy, aren’t I complaining a lot! Sorry about that. Apart from the sleep drama though, life is good. The weather is finally getting cold here, but we’ve had some really sunny days, so those are nice. Considering it’s December 1, the weather’s really good. We had a pretty good week last week, with some outings and lots of visitors. Monday is now ‘Meet up with Marijke Day’, on Wednesday we had a visit from a new friend Anne and her baby Sara in the morning, and Katherine and her little guy Daniel in the afternoon, and then Friday myself and the boys headed over to Katherine’s with the help of our friend Zahra. So, the week was busy and fun, which was good.

Okay, Fred’s just waking up now! Post over, but more to come soon!!!!

the boys with new friend Sara

the boys with new friend Sara


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