Fred discovers his feet…

Little Fred has been having a great time with his feet lately. It’s nice he has a form of entertainment that is always with him. He nearly got his toes to his mouth the other day, but didn’t quite make it. I’m sure that’ll come soon.

2013 november 053


On another note, I think Fred is a long baby, and bigger at this age than Liam was. He’s not a chubby guy at all, but length-wise, I’d say he’s just about to upgrade to 6-9 month clothes already! Liam was always right in the target size for his age, so it really feels like Fred is flying through the sizes at the moment!

Oh, and I finally got him into cloth nappies! It took me long enough! He’s been in them on and off for a few weeks now. I do really like using cloth diapers and all the cute diaper covers we have, and since he’s doing just about all his poops in the potty, it makes diaper washing easier too. I haven’t had to clean up a single poopy cloth diaper yet (touch wood!). I still have days and parts of days where it’s back to disposables though. Sometimes I’m just too freakin’ tired to care, and it’s nice that I have that back up. I’ve also been using disposables at night because it’s just easier.

Fred is spending a bit more time in his Moby wrap these days too, which is nice for me. Now that he’s holding his head up, it’s easier to have him in it when he’s awake and he just enjoys looking around a bit. Sometimes he still arches his back and tries to twist around to look ahead, but not always. I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE THE BABY WRAP! It’s what is making this blog post possible! I’ll have to look up some ways to tie this thing on with him facing forward, as I’m sure he’d enjoy that. Okay, here are some more photos while I have the chance…

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