New project…

In less than a month we are embarking upon a crazy adventure, moving countries, looking for new jobs, etc. Major life change. There’s lots to do and organize!

So, guess what I’ve done? Started a new fun blog project. Yes, I am a procrastinator, and this is the sort of thing I do.

Anyway, basically it’s all about sharing the sorts of amazing things I come across that really change my perspective on things, make me think in new ways, add a new dimension to things I already know a little about. I love feeling like my brain is growing! It’s a way to focus on the wonderful and amazing things in the world and share those things, because it’s fun and I get quite a buzz out of that sort of thing. Anyway, if you’re bored and want to see what I’ve got so far, here’s the link:

I Wonder While I Wander

It’s a work in progress, so keep that in mind. Any feedback is welcome! Now I should do something responsible, like get some sleep so I can function tomorrow and do proper grown up things!

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