Not much…

Quick update:

Last week it rained everyday, except Sunday, which was nice for all the marathon runners in Istanbul, although it didn’t benefit Richie or I very much because we were working most of the day. I’ve started trying to learn the art of making Turkish coffee. So far, drinkable but not great. I need to ask an expert (i.e. Turkish friend) for a coffee-making tutorial. I also tried making spicy Indian chai (tea) from scratch tonight. Moderate success. There are about a million different recipes on the internet, so using the basic spice ingredients, I’ll just have to experiment until I get the flavour/spiciness right. We went to a couple of friends’ house warming party last night. Massive fun. I danced for hours. I’m now paying for my dance madness with a cold and slightly sore throat- too much excitement and exertion I guess. But it was definitely worth it! My evening students have been cancelling lots of lessons last week and this week. Annoying. It’s okay when it’s a late cancellation because I still get paid. It is not okay when they start getting organized cancelling in a timely manner, and I just end up bored and work-less at home instead of earning a living! I am slowly getting re-inspired to cook decent food at home. I am also feeling ready to go a bit more veggie and a bit less meaty. During my lazy-not-wanting-to-cook days/weeks, I ended up ordering food at work more often than usual, and this usually involved meat. Nothing against meat, but I just feel ready to get a bit healthier again and have more fresh veggies, etc. I’m looking forward to my friend Deniz teaching me some delicious home-style Turkish soup recipes to warm us up during the winter. Plus Richie loves soup. And finally, I bought socks today. I think that about covers it.


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